eISR 2024

The grand slalom of human-powered submarine racing
Gosport, UK, 24 June – 5 July 2024


Welcome to the European International Submarine Races, where teams of university students are challenged to design, build and race human-powered submarines against the clock on an out-and-back grand slalom course. The concept combines engineering design challenge with technical skill development and sets them in a unique and exciting sporting competition.

Design Rules

The teams’ vessels are submarines in every sense of the word, except for the watertight bit. Here are the rules they must design and compete by.

A day at the races

Some of the action at an earlier edition of the eISR.

The venue

The race takes place in QinetiQ’s Ocean Basin at Haslar, Europe’s largest freshwater tank – a concrete floored football field 6m underwater.

The Teams

It takes a dedicated team of engineers, athletes, logisticians and sponsors to field a racing submarine. Come meet the students who are readying their underwater steeds for the real-world challenge of launch, race, repair and upgrade which is the eISR.

Past Races

The eISR turns 12 in 2024. There have been some spectacular teams and machines over the years. Speed demons and innovative designs have taken up the challenge. Some have done well, even set a world record, while others have, well, brought up the rear. Here are their stories.

STEM Initatives

From British Columbia in the northwest to New Zealand in the southeast, student submarine engineers and athletes are united by a drive for excellence and a passion for the underwater world. The eISR is proud to support their inspiration of the next generation of ocean ambassadors.

Thanks to…

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BAE Systems

…and Supporting Organisations!

Sub-Racing Series – Staff & Equipment
BMT Group – Staff Provision
Army Divers – Safety Divers
Woodland Group – Official Freight Forwarders
FabLab.blue – Staff & Technical
RB Safety Consultants – Staff Provision