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European International Submarine Races

The third biennial European International Submarine Race (eISR) took place from the 6th to the 15th of July 2016 in Gosport, England. Teams of University students raced their human-powered submarines against the clock around a demanding slalom course in a unique sporting and engineering challenge.

The basic rules of the sport are straightforward – teams must design, build and race flooded submarines piloted by a single scuba diver, who must be fully enclosed within the hull of the machine. All propulsion power must be provided by the diver during the race (i.e. no energy storage devices such as flywheels or batteries are allowed), but otherwise the design rules are open to whatever innovation teams decide to use.

The next races are planned for July 2018, again at QinetiQ´s facility in Gosport. Announcements will be made closer to time.

Official video from eISR 2016

Prizes 2016

eISR TrophyTaniwha II
eISR Runner-UpWasub VI
Agility and Endurance (BAE Systems)Wasub VI
Innovation (BMT Group)Omer X
Best non-PropellerTaniwha II (4.7 kts)
ReliabilityTaniwha II
Speed MaleWasub VI (7.3 kts)
Speed FemaleWhat Sub Dawg (4.6 kts)
Best Design ReportGodiva 2
Best RepairSalacia
Runner Up RepairOmer X
ExplorationSkookumchuk Mk2
Best Incremental ImprovementSubTLE
Most Unusual DesignTrichitala
QinetiQ Prize most dramatic eventManta Ray 12
Best performance Day 1Wasub VI
Best performance Day 2Wasub VI
Best performance Day 3Wasub VI