The following teams took part in the 2016 competition.

There was only room on the starting line for 12 teams, and of the 18 teams who initially indicated their interest, only 11 managed to earn a spot. To do so, each team had to pass four engineering stage gates, in whatever order they chose. The Stage Gates were (R)eport, (S)pecification, (V)ideo, and (P)hotos. The status of each team was updated here as the stage gates were completed, which meant that the competition effectively started nearly a year before the races.

The links in the table will take you to the teams’ websites, where you will find more information posted by the teams themselves about their designs and the successes they had at the races.

01 Florida Atlantic University Talon II propeller
02 University of Warwick Godiva 2 propeller
03 University of Washington What Sub Dawg propeller
04 University of Michigan SubTLE propeller
05 Universidad Veracruzana Arcangelo propeller
06 Delft University of Technology Wasub VI propeller
07 Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal Archimede VII propeller
08 University of Waterloo Amy propeller
09 Rhine Waal University Trichitala nonprop
10 Ecole de Technologie Superieure Omer X nonprop
11 University of Auckland Taniwha II nonprop
12 Texas A&M University Manta Ray 12 propeller
14 University of Bath Salacia propeller
15 University of Newcastle tba propeller
16 University of Southampton SoSS Orca propeller
17 Gdansk University of Technology Nautilus propeller
18 Plymouth University tba propeller
20 University of British Columbia Skookumchuk Mk2 propeller