The following teams have indicated their interest to participate in the 2018 competition.

Official registration opens on the 15th of July, 2017. Logistical constraints limit the number of teams who can take part in the eISR. Places on the start line are earned on the basis of a qualification round which takes place over the course of the coming year. To qualify to race, teams must pass four engineering stage gates, in whatever order they choose. The Stage Gates are (R)eport, (S)pecification, (V)ideo, and (P)hotos. The status of each team will be updated here as the stage gates are completed. The first 12 teams to complete all of the stage gates and pay their race fees will be invited to race.

The links in the table will take you to the teams’ websites, where you will find more information posted by the teams themselves about their designs and the progress they are making towards qualification.

01 University of Victoria Full Throttle propeller reg recd
02 Rhine Waal University Rivershark nonprop
03 Delft University of Technology Wasub VIII TBC reg recd
04 University of Auckland tba
05 University of Bath tba
06 Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal Archimede VII propeller registered
07 Ecole de Technologie Superieure Omer 11 prop/non prop reg recd
08 University of Warwick Godiva 4 propeller registered
09 University of California San Diego tba
10 Universidad Veracruzana tba
11 University of British Columbia Skookumchuk 4 propeller reg recd
12 University of Michigan tba propeller reg recd
13 University of Waterloo Claire propeller reg recd
14 University of Southampton tba propeller reg recd
15 University of Washington Knotty Dawg propeller registered
16 Florida Atlantic University HPS Atlantic propeller reg recd
17 Texas A&M University tba propeller reg recd
18 Technical University of Gdansk Nautilus propeller reg recd